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Alkaline water suggests that water that’s made in basic minerals like calcium, metal etc etc. it’s pH according chemistry ought to be higher than 7.0 to be referred to as basic water.
alkaline water unless it’s conjointly hydrogen made made in active hydrogen it can’t be referred to as alkalising water. it’s a wrong assumption that basic water alkalises body. Alkalising suggests that obtaining obviate acidic condition (in ability to carry healthy oxygen) within the cells. the pH of water possesses nothing to try to to with this.
Alkaline water will influence solely abdomen acidity apart from that it’s nothing nice. The pH of lime is 2.5 pH blue berry 3.5 pH, will berry of these are acids per chemistry however of these area unit very healthy to body as a result of they’ll change state the body
So pH has nothing to do with alkalising profit Any food that alkalises body is healthy. Water that alkalises body is termed healthy water such water would be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Kangen water india is the best and ideal samples of healthy water. people suppose it as solely alkaline water however the actual fact it’s both alkaline and also alkalising to the body.

We need to change filters in kangen water ionizers or any other from time to time but this depends on the usage of water. how many liters you draw out of the machine. A filter for enagic machine costs 7200 rs approximately and you need to change one filter for usage between 3500 liters to 5000 liters of usage. This depends upon the quality of your input water. in a enagic machine when your filter is worn out it reads out very frequently through voice command. Some of the enagic dealers do not tell clients about the filter cost and duration of change. This is not the mistake with the company but issue with a independent distributor. The customer buys a machine uses it for 4-5 months and gets up struck calls us for assistance they do not know what a filter is how to change it. Here any distributors like do not hold the stock of filters and we are not authorized to do so we tell them them bangalore land line nos and do not know what happens later. Apart from filters if it is a enagic machine you need to buy artificial electrolysis enhancers and cleaning solutions. If you buy enagic machines through us we are open to offer full guidance to you ant time we are experienced in this. Regarding input water also we advise you better input in order to avoid quick filter worn out. 

Kangen water is with out any doubt 100% healthy water. we do not only sell these machines we admire these kangen water machines for one of half year since launch in india. These benefits are not associated with brand name but with the hydrogen rich nature of water. there is a reason and truth behind these reviews and testimonials this is possible because they have changed their water from oxidant to antioxidant , ageing to anti ageing, macro clustered to micro , acidic to alkaline beyond all this is the factor hydrogen rich. Hydrogen rich factor or active hydrogen has been medically and per research proved.

These machines do not remove any thing from water. they do not add any thing that is troublesome to human body. So these devices have got safety approvals from japan health ministry They only change the physical bonding structure of water. They activate hydrogen into active hydrogen which is already in your water. This active hydrogen is the reason behind all the above miracles and amazing health benefits. Kangen water is always safe and secured as long as you stay in the drinking range. Their potential benefit active hydrogen is very safe and natural to human body for long term

  • Enagic’s Kangen water ionizers are labeled as the “Gold Standard” product. 
  • Water ionizers have between 5 and 7 of titanium plates. These Titanium plates increases the cost of the product.
  • The third greatest cost for water ionizers is in the research, development and production of the water ionizer.

No. It is not FDA approved. The FDA reviews medical drugs and medicines. Kangen water is a Alkaline ionized water and not a drug.

Yes,Kangen water distributors claim that in japan in more than 200 hospitals, kangen water ionizer machines have been installed. Kangen water is not a drug or medicine that is being prescribed to patients for any disease in any hospitals. But kangen water is useful and healthy for Daily water drinking.