Your ABC’s  Guide for regular and proper maintenance to keep your machine at full performance:

A: Run the Beauty Water DAILY for one to two minutes (depending on how hard YOUR water is.

B: Perform E-Cleaning 1-2 times per month (depending on how hard YOUR water is.

C: Have a deep cleaning performed by Enagic Corporate as needed.

The process for using the E-Cleaning

Watch the video How to clean your machine – Step by Step Instructions, or follow the steps from below:

  • First turn off the machine Kangen Machine Maintenance
  • Remove the filter from the machine and place the CPU (cleaning powder unit) in the machine where the filter was.
  • Pour one packet of e-cleaner powder into the CPU and close the top.
  • Put both hoses into a cup or pitcher. Kangen Machine Maintenance
  • Run the water until the ends of both hoses are submerged in water.
  • Let the machine soak for 5-8 hours or overnight.
  • Rinse the machine by running water for 10-15 minutes with the CPU still in place.
  • Stop the water and remove the CPU and put your filter back in.
  • (When storing your CPU don’t store it wet with the lid on, allow it to completely dry.)

Even when you do e-cleanings regularly, you will still need to have a deep cleaning done at least twice a year. This will ensure maximum effectiveness and yield the best results for your Kangen Water®.


Step 1

Open Black Cover. Remove Filter

Step 2

Replace Filter with Citrus Powder Filled CPU

Step 3

Place the CPU . Lock it with Ring

Step 4

Both Pipe in single Glass and Leave it for 3-5 Hours

Step 5

Run 9.5 Ph. for the 10-15 Mins



  1. Power off the unit.
  2. Unplug the unit. Kangen Machine Maintenance
  3. Unscrew the cap to the plastic cleaning cartridge.
  4. Open one packet of cleaning granules and carefully pour it into the cartridge.
  5. Replace cap until it is firmly closed.
  6. Remove the cover to the filter. Kangen Machine Maintenance
  7. Unlock the locking ring and remove the water filter, locking ring and BOTH the little black O-rings.
  8. Separate the locking ring from the filter. Set the filter aside, upside down (to avoid leakage.
  9. Insert the cleaning cartridge where the filter was located.
  10. Place the locking ring over the cleaning cartridge and securely lock in place
  11. Gently turn on the tap and allow water to fill the cleaning cartridge and dissolve the citric acid powder.
  12. Allow the water to flow from the flexible white hose–for about 15 seconds.
  13. Shut off the water.
  14. Place the end of the flexible white hose and the gray hose in a bowl to capture run-off.  The bowl should be at the same level as the unit to avoid a siphoning effect.
    The citric acid is now surrounding the electroplates & dissolving mineral scale.
  15. Allow the unit to sit like this for at least 3-5 hours (or just leave overnight)
    Do not operate your unit while in the cleaning mode!
  16. Keep unit OFF and unplugged during this last process!
  17. After the time limit as passed, remove the flex pipe and gray hose from the bowl.
  18. Turn water ON for 2-3 minutes to flush out all the citric acid cleaning solution.
  19. Turn water OFF, unlock the locking ring and remove the cleaning cartridge.
  20. Unscrew the cap to the cleaning cartridge, shake out excess water and allow to air dry on a towel.
  21. Return the water FILTER and locking ring to their original positions in your unit and secure into place.
  22. Press Power ON button, then turn the water back ON and let it run for 2-3 minutes to re-initialize the filter. (If this is the first time putting in a NEW filter then push the reset button.)
  23. Check for leaks and proper placement of the filter and locking ring.
  24. Replace the filter cover.  Mark your calendar so you can remember to do it again in 2 weeks.
  25. Now enjoy your Kangen Water!

ALWAYS allow the machine to clean itself after making strong acidic water to prevent this highly acidic substance from soaking on the plates. If this happens repeatedly without proper maintenance, the plates can eventually become damaged. After making strong acidic water, change back to drinking water and run water through the machine until it goes back into Kangen mode.

Like anything else, care is essential to ensuring the best performance and longevity of your machine. Protect your investment by taking the simple steps in properly maintaining all of your Kangen Water® ionization systems.