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Raipur is the capital city of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Raipur is also the administrative headquarters of Raipur district and Raipur division, and the largest city of the state. It has exponential industrial growth, and has become a major business hub in central India. It is ranked 7th in Ease of Living Index 2019 by Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA). 

For the Kangen Water Ioniser information or Demo!  CALL@ +918720098557 or Message us



For the Kangen Water Ioniser information or Demo!  CALL@ +918720098557 or Message us

More Detail About Kangen Water: Why It is Called “KANGEN”? What is The Story Behind “KANGEN” Name?

As explained before, “Kangen” is a Japanese word “還元”(read: Khang-Geng) means “Return to Origin”. Enagic, the company that manufactures Kangen Water machine, use the word “Kangen” because this water can make our body “RETURN” to Its ORIGINAL state which is alkaline. Kangen Water Raipur India

When we were child our body is in an alkaline state. An alkaline state means HEALTHY BODY, and that’s why we rarely see children got severe illness such as cancer, tumor, diabetes, constipation, arthritis, etc because their body is in excellent condition. Kangen Water Raipur .

As we grow old, we begin to consume every kind of foods available in the market today. Junk food, canned food, oily food, sugar, soft drink, etc, where almost 80% of foods we consume daily is acidic. As we consume acidic foods our body slowly begin to change from alkaline state to acidic state. Acidic state means UNHEALTHY BODY because all kinds of illness will come if our body becomes acidic. Kangen Water Raipur India


What World Famous Doctor Said About Acidic and Alkaline.

1) Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg

Here what Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, a Nobel winner in 1931, says about his CANCER research and it’s relationship with the ACIDIC state of the body.

“CANCER grows in oxygen-deprived ACIDIC tissue, DISEASES cannot survive in an ALKALINE BODY, cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline” – Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg

2) Dr. Hiromi Shinya

Here what Dr. Hiromi Shinya, a highly respected doctor in the world and a pioneered modern colonoscopic technique, an author of worldwide best selling book “The Enzyme Factor” said about Kangen Water

“It is widely recognized in the medical profession that a healthy and clean colon is one of the most important precursors to good health and that the great majority of body ailments and diseases originate in an ACIDIC and dirty colon. Water is essential for your health. Drinking “good water” especially water which has much calcium and magnesium keeps your body at an optimal ALKALINE pH. 

KANGEN WATER is ALKALINE rich water and is considered the very best drinking water because of its incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation.”

As two famous doctors said above, we can make a conclusion that “Diseases live in acidic body and cannot survive in an alkaline body,” so, in order to become healthy, we have to change our body BACK to its ORIGINAL STATE which is ALKALINE, and KANGEN WATER will help you to achieve this state. Kangen Water Raipur

3) Most Powerful Properties Contained in Kangen Water

Kangen Water contains 3 properties that can help your body to achieve a healthy state. These 3 properties will work inside your body, making every cell inside it feel “REFRESHED AGAIN” after all your body going through since your first time consumed acidic food from your childhood until now. These 3 properties will try to FIX everything that went wrong and change back to its ORIGINAL STATE which is HEALTHY ALKALINE BODY. Here we will explain 3 powerful properties contained in Kangen Water.


ALKALINE is the opposite of ACIDIC. When your body become acidic, you will get sick as acidic is a perfect habitat for every kind of disease (including cancer, tumor, diabetes, constipation, heart problem, kidney problem, high blood pressure, etc). When you start to consume Kangen Water every day, this alkaline water will slowly begin to FLUSH OUT the acidic inside your body, make all of your body organs, cell and tissues back to its healthy alkaline condition.

How Do We Know If Kangen Water is Alkaline?

A solution can be measured whether it is Alkaline or Acidic using pH tester. pH stands for Potential Hydrogen is the scale degree that is used to express the level of acidity or alkalinity in a liquid or solution. The pH scale is marked by numbers 1 to 14 where the number in the middle, which is pH 7, means Neutral. All number BELOW pH 7 (from pH 1 to pH 6) means the solution is acidic, and the number ABOVE pH 7 (from pH 8 to pH 14) means the solution is alkaline.

Here is a comparison between Soda Drink vs Kangen Water tested using pH tester. As you can see, after each water tested using pH tester, Soda Drink color turned to yellow, indicating it is very acidic (see pH chart color range), and Kangen Water turned its color to purple, indicate it is alkaline. Kangen Water Raipur India


Kangen Water contains a very high antioxidant that can be neutralizing harmful free radicals inside your body. Free radical is an atom, molecule or ion that has an unpaired electron and it is highly reactive and has the potential to cause damage to cells, including damage that may lead to cancer or premature aging. Kangen Water contains abundant free electrons and can donate each of its electrons to every free radical so the free radicals will be neutralized and not become harmful anymore to your body. Kangen Water Raipur 

  1. Micro-Cluster

Water molecules do not just float around, all alone like microscopic drops of water. Instead, they group together in what are known as “clusters”. Although there is no actual molecular bond, these molecules stick together and operate as one unit. Most drinking water is comprised of clusters containing 16-39 water molecules, known as a Macro-Cluster.

During the ionization process through Kangen Water machine, these clusters are broken apart, resulting in fragmented clusters containing 4-6 water molecules, which is known as Micro-Cluster. This smaller grouping of molecules is able to penetrate and absorb into the body more effectively, which leads to a more rapid an greater degree of cellular hydration.

When you drink Kangen Water, you will not feel “bloated” as you drink regular water. Kangen Water is very delicious and very fast to be absorbed by the body and all cells inside your body. Kangen Water can quench your thirst at a glance, and as a result is quick hydration. Kangen Water Raipur chhattisgarh


From now on, let’s take care what we eat and drink every day. Avoid foods and drinks that are too acidic and start to consume foods and drinks that are alkaline. The easiest way to make our body become alkaline is through our daily drinking water. Kangen Water can help balancing our body, make it alkaline, neutralize free radicals and detoxify any kind of disease. If you already have a healthy body, CONGRATULATIONS! Kangen Water can maintain your healthy state.

Everybody can drink this Kangen Alkaline Water. Change Your Water, Change Your Life! Kangen